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Trevor James

Trevor James

Trevor James

With over 10 years experience fishing the Fox chain of lakes and the surroundings waters in Illinois, I decided to open up Wet n Wild to share my passion with others. I will start fishing ice, in mid November until March. But once we have ice in the Fox Valley its hard to pry me and my guys off the lakes. Outside of fishing I enjoy coaching youth baseball, building ponds, and spending time with my family.

My favorite species to target varies day to day. But there is not much, that beats the sound of a Chinook (king) salmon peeling drag at 3 a.m.  through the ice though its bluegills, crappies and cat fish. 

My favorite meal on the ice, Bacon...  But i always have 2 cans of spaghetti o's on the machine. 

My favorite place to fish? Well obviously where, I live right? The chain of lakes, Outside of here?Lacrosse, Wisconsin (mississippi river). Those waters can pay big dividends. 

Favorite lures, old school stuff that trended out of style, and a lot of the hand made stuff my son and I make in the garage.  


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Trevor James

Trevor James

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Trevor James


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